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When it rains... it pours!

There are over 9 million manholes in the US older than most of us, and about 4 million of those are in need of some serious repair.
Unfortunately, the manhole piece of the Collection System puzzle sometimes gets lost, goes unnoticed or is put on the “back burner”. Usually this is due to a belief that the major source of Infiltration is in the pipes and laterals. Although repairing each of those segments is certainly important, it only removes about 50 % of the Infiltration and the work is more difficult and costly to perform than manhole rehabilitation. A leak is a leak is a leak, whether it’s coming from a manhole, pipe or lateral. Why not fix the easiest ones first.

Pipe Services uses Parson Environmental Products which offers a complete line of Manhole Rehabilitation products to eliminate Inflow & Infiltration, provide structural integrity and corrosion protection in sanitary sewer manholes, wet wells, Wastewater Treatment Plant, tanks and other similar structures. Their proprietary line includes cementitious leak stopping, patching, waterproofing and lining materials.

When your ready to tackle your I&I problems, give Pipe Services a call at (952) 445-3173.

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