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Pipe Services Corporation has focused on quality and personalized service for over 28 years in Cities throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. We are now PACP & MACP Certified and can offer more detailed reporting, better meeting the constant demand placed on Cities for information specifics.

Color television inspection of sanitary sewers and storm drains from 3 inch to 72 inch pipes. We have the latest technology high performance color inspection equipment, including push cameras, tractor cameras and pull cameras for up to 2,000 foot inspections with one set-up. The scope of TV inspections can be focused to include maintenance problem areas and to precede costly street overlay or reconstruction.

The combination of the newest in technology along with PACP Certified Operators provides the following.

• Strict NASSCO regulated format
• Importable data base to interface with the Cities GIS software.
• Precise data with 133 different incident coding options
• Inclination (pipe slope) data
• Pan & Tilt Color Cameras for 6” and larger pipes

Some significant incidents that need serious attention:

Television Reporting with GIS Interface

Types of Damage

Manhole inspections

I & I Investigation

Increased State restrictions are challenging the safety of our infrastructure due to aging systems. We work with the Cities in their effort to achieve the goal of a clean and safe environment.


Caused by groundwater entering into the wastewater flow, through possible cracks, service laterals, joint separations, etc.


A result of storm water activity and can enter the system by sheet flow of water over leaking manhole covers or manhole joints as well as uncovered cleanouts.

  • I & I Studies
  • Dye Water Testing and Reporting: (click on image to make them larger)


  • Smoke Testing and Reporting: (click on images to make them larger)

Smoke Testing and Reporting

Smoke Testing and Reporting

  • Manhole inspections: (click on form for larger view)

Manhole Inspections

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