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Combination Jet/Vacuum Cleaning

Combination Jet/Vacuum Cleaning

As you know there is an increasing demand for Cities to provide communities with on-going sanitary sewer maintenance programs to help prevent possible insurance claims against the City.

The development of an ongoing maintenance program provides clear direction for City infrastructure management. Our experienced Cleaning Technicians can provide.

We commonly clean lift stations, sumps, digesters, wet wells, remote tanks and clarifiers as well. In addition to the basic maintenance our experienced technicians have tackled challenging jobs, such as, cleaning large storm sewer pipes with 50%+ debris, tap cutting, root cutting and root treatment.

Cleaning Features

Combination Jet/Vacuum Cleaning 2

• Combined Jet/Vacuuming of sanitary and storm sewer lines
• Cleaning of clarifiers, lift stations,wet wells and other types of tanks
• Root cutting and root treatment up to 18 inch diameter pipes
• Large storm pipe cleaning – 36 inch to 108 inch
• Protruding tap cutting
• Hydro-excavating

Root Treatment by ROOTX

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