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Pipe Services Service Vehicles

At Pipe Services we recognize that keeping our environment safe and clean is a tough job. Pipe Services provides skilled project management, up to date technology and 28 years of dedicated experience. We pride ourselves in taking on the challenging jobs helping Cities and industry keep their infrastructure in excellent condition.

We commonly clean lift stations, sumps, digesters, wet wells, remote tanks and clarifiers as well. In addition to the basic maintenance our experienced technicians have tackled challenging jobs, such as, cleaning large storm sewer pipes with 50%+ debris, tap cutting, root cutting and root treatment.

Our CCTV operators utilize the most up to date televising equipment and are PACP Certified for more detailed reporting. The NASSCO regulated format provides Cities with database capability allowing for import into Cities’ system with GIS interface, giving Cities more precise information.  Pipe Services most recent televising service is the ability to provide pipe slope (inclination) data.  And if infiltration is a problem, consider Pipe Services for I&I studies, manhole inspections and rehabilitation, dye water testing and smoke testing.

Pipe Services Corporation is competitive, experienced and responsive in meeting your  needs.  So next time you have a project that calls for routine or specialty sewer maintenance services give us a call and let us put our experience to work for you.

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