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Pipe Services Corporation has been providing sewer cleaning, television inspection and infiltration / inflow detection services for over 28 years. Our firm’s focus had been to provide quality and efficiently performed specialty services at competitive prices. We have developed long term relationships with many clients because we can respond quickly to our customers needs at fair prices.

Our clients are primarily municipal but also include contractors, industries, and some state agencies. In addition to providing main-line color TV inspection services of 6-inch and larger diameter pipe, we also provide smoke and dye-water testing services, new construction mandrill testing services and manhole inspection services.

We use combination jet/vacuum equipment for most of our sewer tank cleaning projects. Pipe Services Corporation owns two of the larger jet/vacuum trucks based in Minnesota. For that reason, we have completed many of the most challenging cleaning projects in the region. In 1994, we completed a major large diameter storm sewer cleaning project for the City of Mankato involving pipes as large as 108-inch diameter with heavy sediment levels. We own a complete array of jet nozzles, vacuum pipe, and hydraulic root saws.

Pipe Services Corporation

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